Arctic Fox E-Kick Scooter "Moon"


There was a time when big, fuel-guzzling, slick-looking automobiles were all the rage. Today, the trend is shifting towards a compact, fuel-saving ride that looks just as slick.

Electric Vehicles (EVs), especially E-Scooters, check off all these boxes perfectly. The sustainable benefits of E-Scooters have nudged several celebrities - from Justin Beiber to Jaden Smith - to embrace the trend. 

If you are looking to downsize your ride and simultaneously upgrade to a high-quality, relevant mode of transport, definitely check out Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick Scooter. 

As the name suggests, it runs on an electricity-charged battery instead of diesel or petrol, which translates to immense savings on fuel costs, zero noise pollution, and a smooth ride.

Say Goodbye to Fossil Fuels

By shifting to an E-scooter, you completely do away with visits to the gas station. Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick Scooter can be charged in your home every night, just as you do your mobile phone.

If you charge the lithium-ion battery for around four hours, you can ride the E-Scooter for about 20 km at a speed of up to 25 km per hour. This is the perfect ride when heading to the supermarket or even to your office when it is within a 10 km radius.

Not only will you save on fuel costs (which are continually rising every day), but you're also making a greener choice toward preserving the air quality in your neighbourhood.  

A Portable Ride 

Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick Scooter weighs around 19 kg but can carry a weight of up to 120 kg. Another unique feature of the design is the 1-click folding, which allows you to easily fold the E-Scooter and carry it up to your office or home for safekeeping.

This is a superior option compared to leaving it chained in the parking lot, where it will be prone to envy. You can easily store it under your desk or in a closet. The slick design is also sure to earn you street cred wherever you go!  

A Sturdy, Safety-Focused Design  

Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick scooter is made of high-quality steel and aluminium. The strong, sturdy body also helps maintain balance as one rides.

Another key safety feature is the powerful 1.8W Projector LED headlight, which equips one to navigate night rides with ease.

Riding with a helmet is a must, of course, and you can also pick up the custom-design Moon Scooter helmet, which complements the E-Scooter in look and design. Made of high-strength ABS material, it is designed to insulate riders from high-impact incidents.  

No More Noise Pollution

Unlike vehicles that use fossil fuels, EVs produce virtually no sound. Imagine the impact on a city if it was fully powered by EVs. The silence is golden!

Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick Scooter is a noise-free ride, and by choosing it, you are taking a critical step towards a noise-free neighbourhood. 

In Conclusion 

EVs are a great way to travel sustainably. A vehicle like the Moon E-Kick scooter also allows riders to keep fit as they travel.

Since this is a standing ride, this is a great way to offset the sedentary lifestyle led by most professionals sitting in front of a computer all day.

Arctic Fox's Moon E-Kick scooter offers great value in a slickly-designed package that comes at a competitive price.

Enjoy the ride!