Arctic Fox Hoodies Bring Swag to Your Sweatshirts

Arctic Fox Hoodies Bring Swag to Your Sweatshirts



Classic hoodies were functional garments that helped workers stay warm in the warehouses of New York in the 1930s.

Today, this jacket-style garment has become a staple for everyday use and when you travel. Arctic Fox's hoodie collection is designed to lend swag to any wardrobe while also keeping you warm. 

Hoodies are gender-neutral garments that add style and protection to one's daily wardrobe. You can slip them while on the run to the grocery store, going cycling, or heading for a trek. Plus, you can totally skip carrying a cap and just slip on the hoodie when you want to protect yourself from dew, wind, or dust.

Arctic Fox hoodies are made of stretchable material that sits snugly on any body type. They also come with a kangaroo-style pocket that lets you stash your essentials when heading out. So, you can skip carrying your handbag, or man purse, altogether. 

Stay Warm and Cool 

The best about this collection is that the devil lies in the little details. You can find hoodies with finely detailed graphics, ribbed hems, two outside welt pockets, layered hoods, and coated drawstrings.

Arctic Fox hoodies also double up as winter wear, and each detail collectively makes you look cool while also keeping you warm.

The funky male Denim Black sweatshirt with integrated mask and hoodies, as the name suggests, comes with a stretchable mask that can be worn when traveling by bike or mingling in a crowd. 

Choose from Many Designs and Colors

Each hoodie has a unisex design that has mass appeal. You can choose from unique colors, such as Sea Fog, Windsor Wine, Striking Purple, and Pageant Blue.

Some, like the New Arctic Fox Unisex Swim Cap Zipper Hoodies, come with unique prints that really stand out from the crowd. The Black Beauty Zipper Hoodies uses the handmade art of tie-dyeing to create a funky print that is also safe for the skin and better for the planet.

Some jacket-style designs skip the kangaroo pocket and have a coil zipper down the front. Choose a design based on your preference and lifestyle.

Arctic Fox's hoodies have a unisex style that can be worn by anyone to stay warm and still bring style to their wardrobe. Every hoodie is great value for money and is a must-have in your travel-smart and daily living collection.

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