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Features to Look for in School Bags for Boys

Are you looking for the best school bags for boys or college backpacks? There are many features that you should check out while selecting a bag for school or college use.

Let us discuss some of the common features you should look for while purchasing school bags for boys:

Broad Padded Straps

School bags for boys with broad straps are of great comfort to the shoulders. A layer of padding under the straps makes it convenient to carry the bag. They also help in equivalent weight distribution of the bag over the shoulders.

Multiple Spacious Compartments

It is important to look for a college backpack with a number of spacious compartments of different sizes. They help in maintaining the balance of the items and keeping them in a well-organized manner. They are also helpful in minimizing the strain on the back.

Space for Laptop

In this era of technology, most school and college students need to carry their laptops. Thus, the space for keeping a laptop is a must in any college backpack.

Durable Material

If you are looking for long-lasting school bags for boys, it is important to make sure that they are made up of a durable material like canvas or nylon. The material should be water resistant and strong enough to carry the heavy weight of the textbooks and the laptop.

Long Handles with Wheels

If you want to take the weight off the shoulders, rolling backpacks are an innovative option you can try. A bag with a long handle makes it easy for children to carry their books and other school essentials.


Check the zippers and other hardware in the bag before you purchase the school bag. If you are going for a branded bag, then you be assured of the quality of the hardware.

Colour and Design

The colour and design, though style aspects, are perhaps the most important features that one checks out while buying bags. School children will probably like bags with graphic prints of their favourite anime or cartoon characters, while college students may prefer trendy colour changing backpacks.

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