Packing Tips for Female Backpackers

Packing Tips for Female Backpackers

As a woman traveller, you know your biggest challenge is to travel light. As much as you would want to take all your cute dresses, you know you can’t!

So what can you do to pack light? Read this article and learn some smart ways to pack for your upcoming trip!

Invest in the right backpack
The first step of packing is to invest in the right backpack. There are many brands out there that specifically make backpacks for women, keeping their body frames and essential requirements in mind. By picking a well-designed backpack, you will be able to carry all your necessary items without weighing yourself down. These backpacks are designed for the torso size of an average woman and fit all kinds of builds perfectly, so that one gets complete freedom of movement.

Only pick the things you need
Don't be tempted to carry those pair of heels that you may only wear once but will have to lug around for days. The best way to only take what you need is to lay out all the stuff that you want to carry and then only pack half of it.

Carry items that serve multiple purposes
There are many items available in the travel market that give you your money’s worth by solving multiple purposes for you. For example, a pair of black leggings can be worn casually as well as for a date-night on your trip. You can wear your sarong on the beach one day and tie it around as a scarf on another day. If you really want to carry dresses, consider buying an infinity dress that can be styled in a number of ways.

If you can’t fit it in the bag, you don't need it
This is a bit hard to follow but remind yourself that if you could not find space for something in your backpack, then it is best to leave it behind. According to research, we subconsciously pick up those things first, that we know we are definitely going to use. Anything that remains outside the backpack is basically extra stuff that you would only be carrying around without actually using.

Don't increase your luggage quantity, reduce the size of your backpack
This is the holy grail of packing light! It is common for a lot of people to carry many unnecessary things that never even see the light of day but add a crazy amount of weight to your backpack. So next time you feel tempted to carry a lot of things, just reduce the size of your backpack! You won’t have a choice other than carrying only necessary things.

As women, packing for trips can be one of your biggest nightmares. But don't let that ruin your travel experience. Use these tips to pack smart and travel light. Don't forget to buy a good backpack before your trip!