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Tips to Choose the Right School Bag for Your Child

Finding the right school bag for your child is not something as simple as looking for a bag designed with your child’s favourite television character or a bag in your kid’s favourite colour. There are many points that you need to carefully consider before you get kids school bags.

Get a bag that is perfect for your child’s needs

You need to consider the carrying needs of the child while choosing the school bag for your child. The capacity of the bag should be based on the number of books and notebooks that your kid will be carrying on an average.

Get a bag that is correct for your child’s height

One common mistake that parents usually make is getting a bag that is too big or small for the child. If the bag is too big, the shoulder straps will keep slipping down or the bag will keep pulling the child from behind. If it is too small, then your child may have difficulty slipping his/her arms through the shoulder straps.

Get a bag that is well constructed

By well-constructed, we mean that the bag should have wide padded shoulder straps that rest gently on the shoulder. The bag should preferably have padding at the back also where the bag rests against the spine. Adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps make the kids’ school bags a better option for children.

Get a bag that has plenty of compartments

When you buy a school bag, it should ideally have one large compartment for books and notebooks and smaller pockets to hold stationary, lunch box (if not carried separately), water bottle and other items.

Get a bag that offers rugged use

The quality of the bag material determines the life of the school bag. Children tend to be careless with the bag. They could drag the bag, drop it on the ground, throw it or pull it. The bag should be able to withstand rough and tough use. The seams should hold up to the strain on the bag and the material should be sturdy and durable.

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