Tips to Reduce School Bag Weight

The school bags for kids are getting heavier with increased number of books, equipment, and even laptops sometime. Many pediatricians claim that putting unnecessary weight on the backs of children can result in chronic pain and also deformity of spine.

According to many studies, School Bags For Kids should not weigh more than 10% of the child’s bodyweight. Anything more than that can lead to shoulder and lower back pain.

In this article, we will learn about some tips that will help you reduce the weight of your child’s school bag.

Invest in the right bag
When looking for a school bag for your kids, the best option would be to buy a shoulder bag that can help distribute the weight evenly. The backpack should have two shoulder straps with adequate padding. They should also be easily adjusted so that you can align it with the length of their torso. A one-sided bag should be avoided as it causes a lot of strain if you carry it habitually. Additionally, the bag should be made of light-weight material so that it does not add to the total weight of the bag.

Packing the bag properly
You should pack your kid’s bag with only those books that are required at the school. Some subjects may have more than one book. In that case, make sure your child knows the topic for the day so that they can take that book instead of taking the whole set. Organizing books everyday will help them stay systematic and also reduce the bag weight. Teach your child to carry only that is necessary. Avoid packing anything extra just because the bag has the capacity to hold them. According to experts, the heavier books should be held closest to your back to avoid concentration of weight on the shoulders.

When you buy bags for your kids, make sure it has ample compartments so that the things can be organized and weight can be evenly distributed across the bag.

Correct their posture
Apart from buying the right backpack and organizing it the right way, another way to reduce pain associated with heavy packs is to position it over the mid-back muscles. It should sit no lower than 4 inches below the waistline. The weight of the bag should be placed as close to the back as possible. Teach your child to not lean forward or backward when wearing a heavy backpain. They should keep their backs straight to maintain correct posture.

As a parent, the best you can do to reduce the weight on your child’s back is by guiding them how to arrange their books. You can help them and teach them how to organize their backpack on a daily basis. You can also remove all the extra clutter such as broken pencils, papers, hard binding etc. that only add deadweight to the backpack. You can also teach your child to put down the bag when waiting for the bus and similar situations.