Craze User Manual

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Step 1

  • Turn on the speaker by Holding the Centre button.
  • Double Press to Switch between Bluetooth and Music Mode

Step 2

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Connect to β€˜Arctic Fox Craze’
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Double Tap to Switch Modes

Switch Speaker Mode

In Music mode, users can play loaded songs directly from the speaker itself, enjoying their favorite tunes with ease. Switching between modes is simple; just double-press the joystick to toggle between Music mode and Bluetooth mode, granting users the flexibility to seamlessly transition between onboard playback and wireless connectivity.

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Plug & Play


Turn on the speaker and connect the via Type-C cable with mobile/laptop/other devices to use as
external speaker

Transfer Songs

PC mode

Connect via Type-C
cable with mobile/laptop/other devices to
transfer your favorite songs.

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Control Music

Experience the thrill of joystick controls on speakers! With a quick flick, adjust volume, switch tracks, manage calls, and activate your voice assistant effortlessly. It's compact, intuitive, and puts you in control of your sound adventure.


Increase Volume

Press Up

Decrease Volume

Press Down

Next Track

Press Right

Previous Track

Press Left

Play/ Pause

Press once

Turn On/ Off

Long Press

Disconnect Device

Triple Press

Switch Modes

Double Press

Answer/ End Calls

Press once

Google Assistant

Hold Right

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Use type- C cable to charge from a DC 5V supply.

For lightning-fast charging, utilize the Type-C cable and a DC 5V supply. When your battery dips below 20%, expect a helpful reminder with a Red light blinking every minute.

Charging Light

Continuous red light
while charging

Pairing Light

Flashes Blue for

Battery Capacity

Up to

43 hours*

of Standby Time

Up to

6 hours*

of normal use

Up to


Battery Capacity

Bluetooth version

V 5.3

Latest Version

Bluetooth range

10 m

Long Range

Charging time

1 Hour*

Quick Charging

Overall weight





Compact Design

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  • Avoid Extreme Conditions: Do not expose the speaker to extreme temperatures, as this may affect its performance and longevity.

  • Charge Safely: Use only the provided Type-C cable and a compatible DC 5V power supply for charging.

  • Keep it Clean: Regularly wipe the exterior of the speaker with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the surface.

  • Avoid Submerging in Liquids: While the speaker may be water-resistant to a certain extent, it's not designed for submersion in water. Avoid exposing it to liquids such as water, beverages, or cleaning solutions to prevent damage.

  • Avoid Overcharging: To prolong the battery life, avoid leaving the speaker connected to the charger for extended periods after reaching full charge. Disconnect the charger once the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging.