Why Do You Need Gamer Backpacks?

Why Do You Need Gamer Backpacks?

If you are a gamer and travel frequently with your gaming gear, then the first thing you should do is stop traveling with your regular backpack. Gaming gear is expensive and your biggest asset and traveling with a normal backpack puts all your gear at risk of damage. That’s where gamer backpacks come and make traveling with your gear absolutely safe and comfortable for you.


If you’re not sure why you need a gaming backpack instead of a regular bag, then this article is for you. Today, we’ll tell you what are the unique benefits of having a gamer backpack and what are the best gamer backpacks for you in the market. Let’s get started.

Why Should a Gamer Opt For a Gaming Backpack?

Unlike regular backpacks, a gaming backpack comes with special compartments particularly designed for holding gaming equipment and accessories. It allows you to keep as well as travel with your gaming gear conveniently and without worrying about the safety of delicate and costly equipment. Apart from keeping the gaming gear safe, a good backpack also keeps them in excellent working condition for a longer period. Not to forget, good gear keeps you on the top of the game.


Here are the main benefits of having a gaming backpack -

Easy and Secure Gaming Gear Transport

The primary benefit of having a gaming backpack is its exceptional ergonomic design that allows you maximum comfort and efficiency. The size, shape, and weight of gaming backpacks are optimally designed to hold the most sensitive gaming accessories and also keep the backpack comfortable for the carrier.


Gaming stuff can have considerable weight and if you have to travel with all the gadgets, peripherals, and accessories, it can definitely become heavy. Regular backpacks usually have one or two large sections to keep the stuff and have just two or three pockets inside or outside.


The biggest problem with regular backpacks is that you have to cram all your favorite gaming rig which is not just bad for your gear but also keeps all the weight on the center, making it difficult to carry.


The specialized storage compartments of gaming backpacks allow equal distribution of weight and provide enough space for easy storage of all gadgets and peripherals of all sizes. It keeps your items well sorted and securely contained in separate spaces. Plus, it ensures that you never leave any important gaming items behind.

Better Protection Against Damages

Good gaming backpacks come with highly cushioned and strategically placed compartments.


If you are a gamer, then you must have had dreadful travel experiences with road bumps, crowd collisions, and tight squeezes. These events can put pressure and impact your gaming devices and cause major loss.


Gaming bags come with smart protective features such as a hard outer shell, waterproof exterior, and cushioned compartments. Some backpacks also have back padding to protect from impact.

Another way in which gamer backpacks keep your back safe is that when you carry an improper backpack, you can keep the backpack on the floor and risk getting hit by a crowd. A good backpack can become your reliable companion for all your travels with your gaming gear.

Durability and Comfort

Regular backpacks are designed to store normal accessories such as clothing, books, and such stuff. Gamer backpacks, on the other hand, are specifically designed to handle gaming equipment and accessories.


Many gaming consoles and accessories have pointed corners that can even tear through a normal bag’s fabric. Gamer backpacks come with a strong wire mesh design for interior surfaces that provides them with maximum resistance against impacts and a longer lifetime than regular backpacks.

Furthermore, a gaming backpack distributes the weight evenly on your shoulder and back, reducing the back and shoulder strain. Also, some backpacks feature a reinforced grab handle to alternately hand-carry your back.


In short, gamer backpacks are sturdier, tougher, and more comfortable than regular backpacks.


Best Gaming Backpacks

We hope now you're sure about why you need a gamer backpack and how owning a smart gamer backpack can help you keep your gear safe and ahead of others in the battleground.


Now, if you are looking for the best gamer backpack on the market, here are the two best options for you based on the above factors.

New Arctic Fox Kobra Gaming Backpack

This New Arctic Backpack is designed to protect your gaming gear and provide you with maximum safety and comfort. The bag is super comfortable to carry around, can easily carry all your gaming equipment, and matches perfectly with your gamer look.


 Here are some important features of this 27” gamer backpack -


  • Charging Port
  • Number lock security
  • Lots of space
  • Padded back and shoulder strap
  • Airflow back system
  • Ergonomic designed side handle
  • Strong polyester material
  • Strong and long-lasting zipper
  • Rain cover
  • Water repellent
  • 17” laptop compartment
  • 1 year warranty
  • 4 Flat pockets, 3 Mesh flat pockets, 1 Zip mesh pocket, and a Headphone Holder


All these features along with an attractive design makes it simply, the best gamer backpack for you.

New Arctic Fox Personalized Gamer Backpack 

New Arctic Fox Gamer Backpack comes with a whole array of pockets and allows you to smartly and easily organize all your gaming accessories. The special quality of the backpack is its mini-game. It lets you play with letter chips and icons and ultimately, create your gamer identity name. Cool, right?


Here are some other characteristics of the backpack -


  • Seong polyester fabric
  • Two spacious compartments
  • Poncho rain jacket
  • 5” laptop compartment
  • 1-year warranty
  • Standard and gadget organizer
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Airflow back system
  • Water bottle pouch
  • 34-liter capacity
  • Water repellent


The best part about the backpack is its list of different pockets, i.e., a cooling fan pocket, mouse pocket, VR pouch, joystick pocket, hard disk pocket & headphone holder, one mesh zip pocket, two flat pockets, one pen loop, and two SD card/Pendrive pocket, two water bottle side pocket.


So, if you want a perfect gamer backpack with high-quality fiber, specious sections, an exceptionally well-organized pocket system, and an incredible look at the same time, then it is the best alternative for you.

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